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Improve Sepsis outcomes with Sepsis Software

Reduce sepsis mortality, sepsis costs, ALOS and readmissions with advanced Sepsis Software.
Improve clinical and financial outcomes and get the most from your sepsis programs.


SepsisAnalytics enables process improvement staff to analyze historical financial and clinical data to design improvement initiatives.

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Automate sepsis protocols, comply with CMS core measures for sepsis and collaborate with care team and reduce sepsis mortality.

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Sepsis360 is a comprehensive Sepsis Software to help hospitals improve sepsis outcomes and achieve financial and clinical goals.

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Optimize Clinical and Financial Aspects of your Sepsis Program

From planning to optimization of sepsis care, the Sepsis Clinical Value Chain approach captures all activities, services and resources and delivers process improvement that help reduce sepsis mortality.


Explore and evaluate performance and patient satisfaction using detailed operational reports, thousands of metrics and amazing visibility across the clinical chain.

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Make the most-suitable blueprint to adapt to new challenges and achieve growth expectations with easy access and comprehensive assistance provided by the unique platform.

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Transform your care, coordination and healthcare access management with greater adaptability, sustained performance improvement and see-through analytics.

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Sepsis Software

Most healthcare systems are now experimenting with an array of technological solutions to cut costs and contain wasteful expenditure while not impacting the quality of the quality of care they deliver. Moreover, as hospitals move close towards value based reimbursements, it has become imperative for them to adopt superior technology, analytics and software that help them reduce sepsis mortality by offering highest quality of care, as a core strategy for improving outcomes and bottom lines.

Reduce Sepsis Mortality with SepsisClock
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