AcesoCloud today announced the launch of its new SepsisClock app on AppStore for iOS mobile devices. This addition to AcesoCloud’s technology suite illustrates the company’s initiative in building an advanced mobile-supported care-delivery experience for nurses. The app aims at helping the sepsis care team improve the clinical pathway.

The Sepsis app is a tool for continuous clinical and compliance monitoring of sepsis patients. Nurses can easily automate the care pathway and monitor implementation of bundles, leading to not only superior quality of care but also lower costs.

This SepsisClock care app is a simple yet powerful tool that supports sepsis protocol implementation in accordance with CMS core measures and guidelines prescribed by Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) initiative. “With the increasing healthcare reforms, a shift from volume-based to value-based payments and the quick-changing regulatory landscape, the pressure is mounting on health systems to adopt technologies that can help them automate processes, improve care-delivery and adhere to compliance, without, of course adding to cost,” said Pravat Rout, Co-Founder of AcesoCloud. “Usage of the Sepsis app increases the productivity of nurses allowing them more time for direct patient care instead of spending long hours on administrative paperwork and report generation” he added.

The SepsisClock app features include:

In Patient Dashboard: Comprehensive list of current Sepsis patients in one place
Real-time clinical update: Real-time clinical information for every patient that helps clinicians and emergency staff take quick actions leading to reduced pre and/or post-ICU time.
Identification of T0 or Triage time: No ambiguity about triage time that may lead to miscalculation of 3 and 6-hour marks.
Compliance Monitoring: Proactive monitoring of compliance with standard care protocols and compliance monitoring in real-time against core measures
Reduced administrative burden: Frees bandwidth of nurses from doing data entry and report generation towards direct care. CMS ready reports for submission
Early detection: Map patient vitals against SIRS criteria and for signs of organ failure due to septic shock
Lowers operation overheads: Reduces unwanted and/or duplicate clinical processes and avoidable readmission and penalty.

This best-in-class sepsis app empowers nurses, transforms care delivery and ensure compliance. AcesoCloud’s launch of the new app is the first step in many changes as the company shifts its focus to be mobile-first. AcesoCloud is committed to becoming a leader in developing technology-enabled care delivery and analytics solutions for healthcare.

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