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Planning and executing performance improvement measures and quality initiatives needs ongoing effort and supervision. SepsisPlanner software is the program management module within the AcesoCloud suite of sepsis solutions. The end-to-end program management module ensures process improvements are planned, executed, tracked and measured with precision. It also ensures allocation of roles and responsibilities within the care team.

The process and quality improvements that are initiated based on industry best practices lead to reproducible and sustainable outcomes that are superior and closer to peer benchmarks.


  • Schedule and track process improvement initiativesSepsisPlanner
  • Define roles and assign responsibilitiesSepsisPlanner

Agile Approach

Agile management can help organize and control process re-engineering initiatives and deliver value early in the project’s lifecycle thus increasing ROI.

Real-time Coordination

Project status and updates can be viewed in real time and actions coordinated so as not to miss deadlines or incur operational losses.

Objective Evaluation

Increased accountability of stakeholders as the performance of the project team can be objectively monitored and evaluated by the program leader.


  • End-to-end management of sepsis care program
  • Define roles and assign responsibilities
  • Schedule & track process improvement initiatives
  • Real-time project status and updates
  • Measure and review outcomes periodically

“A well-coordinated and collaborative multidisciplinary efforts, along with a reliable automation and compliance monitoring solution, have resulted in immediate improvements in care that reflect in lower mortality rates, and higher bed availability by decreased CCU/ICU LOS.

Chief of Critical Care
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