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Easily creates the blueprint for sepsis programs to achieve financial and clinical goals


To be able to design an effective sepsis program you must first assess the viability and effectiveness of your existing programs to gain a deeper understanding and insight into how your program is performing vis-a-vis global standards. With Sepsis360 you can do exactly that and much more.

Sepsis360 seamlessly integrates the SepsisAnalytics, SepsisClock & SepsisPlanner into holistic sepsis software that combines analytics, collaboration and program management solutions to deliver critical insights based on advanced analytics, and care coordination and sustainable program improvements. Sepsis360 enables health systems to align and comply with the core measures, manage patient data efficiently and initiate, monitor and measure effective and outcome-oriented process improvements.


  • Savings and Margin over time for multiple DRGsreal-time-information
  • Approaching Hour 33-hours
  • Approaching Hour 66-hours

Analytics & Dashboards

Evaluate outcomes of the current sepsis program to get deeper critical insights into the correlation between financial and clinical metrices.

Protocol Automation

Standardize care process and automate implementation of 3 $ 6 hour sepsis bundles to ensure compliance and improve outcomes.

Program Management

Manage sepsis program end-to-end and ensure process improvements lead to improved outcomes that are reproducible and sustainable.

Agile Approach

Designed for hospitals to improve clinical and residual processes, the tool focuses on process adaptability, quality and rapid care delivery.

Real-time Coordination

Project status and updates can be viewed in real time and actions coordinated so as not to miss deadlines or incur operational losses.

Objective Evaluation

Increased accountability of stakeholders as the performance of the project team can be objectively monitored and evaluated by the program leader.


Advanced Analytics

  • Analyze sepsis programs
  • In-depth insights across metrics
  • Intuitive dashboards
  • Extendable solution for all DRGs

Automation & Compliance

  • CMS core measure compliance
  • Care coordination
  • Real time patient information
  • Automated alert systems

Lean QI

  • Holistic management of sepsis programs
  • Schedule & track process improvements
  • Define roles and assign responsibilities
  • Measure and review outcomes
Advanced Sepsis Software Solutions
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