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SepsisClock is a sepsis protocol automation, compliance and collaboration solution for the clinical care provider team to help them improve sepsis care delivery. SepsisClock ensures sepsis protocol implementation in accordance with CMS core measures. Once diagnosed, the standard of care matters the most in saving lives from the infection. SepsisClock enables sepsis coordinators, nurses and physicians to enforce standard care protocols, ensure three hour and six hour compliance, collaborate care and intervene swiftly in case of clinical variations and/or anomalies.

Real-time clinical information for every patient is updated with ease and becomes a vital tool that helps clinicians and emergency staff quickly get critical insight and take necessary actions to reduce the pre and/or post-ICU activities and improve sepsis care delivery and outcomes.


  • Savings and Margin over time for multiple DRGsreal-time-information
  • Approaching 3-hour mark3-hours
  • Approaching 6-hour mark6-hours

Protocol Automation

Critical care units can configure care protocols within the solution and automate the care pathway.

Bundle Compliance

Care providers comply with the CMS Core Measures and 3-hour & 6-hour sepsis bundles .

Integrated Messenger

SepsisClock allows care transition to be coordinated seamlessly without misses or delays.

Mobile App

SepsisClock is delivered as a mobile app and is compatible with all mobile platforms.

Real-time Data

Care providers get clinical data and updates in real-time to help them intervene on time.

App for Nurses

An exclusive app that empowers nurses and sepsis coordinators in delivering highest quality of care.


Protocol Automation

  • Timely implementation of 3 & 6 hour bundles
  • Track and measure care protocol and outcomes
  • Automated alerts for care delivery without delays
  • Follow-up and monitoring for clinical updates


  • Monitor 3-hour & 6-hour compliance initiatives
  • Readily available clinical data for CMS submission
  • Real-time reports and updates of organ failure
  • Updates on non-compliant cases and measures

Care Coordination

  • Access to multiple care providers and users
  • Real-time data for sepsis coordinators
  • Integrated messenger for coordinated care
  • Automated alerts and notifications
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