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AcesoCloud Analytics Platform

Optimize critical care management through a single unified platform

A Powerful Platform

In the ever-evolving healthcare domain, a single patient encounter can generate hundreds of transactions and data points spanning covering multiple spheres. Hence it becomes important to assemble the large volume of data and interpret it appropriately to address issues and identify gaps enabling hospitals to lower costs and improve quality of care.

In the absence of an enterprise data warehouse, the humongous amount of clinical, financial and operational data lie meaninglessly in respective department folders, while the executive and physician leadership make critical and far-reaching business and clinical decisions based on lopsided, incomplete and sometimes inefficient data.

A Systems Approach to Early Detection and Management

With increasing sepsis awareness, more clinicians are depending on a systems approach for early identification of sepsis and timely administration of appropriate fluids and antibiotics has been proven to be the single most important factors in reducing morbidity and mortality from sepsis. Early detection enables rapid response, deriving better patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs. AcesoCloud’s analytics platform offers automated monitoring systems that provide a means of monitoring patient data continuously, and facilitate the assembly of data from unconnected information systems. The systems process clinical data in real-time to identify sepsis as per predetermined diagnostic thresholds, and include an automated alert that is sent to the care team.

Making Data Actionable

Driven by a robust and unique metadata-driven ETL engine, the AcesoCloud Analytics Platform extracts data from multiple sources, transforms data into using Late-Binding technology and loads it at the right place and at the right time. The ready-to-use analytic solution is not only secure and reliable but also compliant and scalable.

The AcesoCloud platform seamlessly integrates clinical and patient information in real-time from multiple simple and complex sources and integrates with existing hospital systems/ solutions, internal or external. Using the AcesoCloud hospital analytics platform hospitals can store all their data in one centralized location, and easily access it when needed.

Healthcare data undergoes three stages before it can be used for sustainable meaningful analytics.


Data Capture

  • Acquire key data elements
  • Assure data quality
  • Collate data from multiple sources

Data Provisioning

  • Transformation
  • Mining
  • Interpretation

Data Analysis

  • Slice, dice & visualize
  • Ad hoc reports
  • Advanced analytics

Optimize Healthcare Delivery

Clinical variation could be critical in evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness in care delivery. Minimizing variations in healthcare delivery could lead to significant reductions in costs and improvement quality of patient care. Analytics is the new tool that hospitals are turning towards to identify and evaluate variation in care in order to improve overall quality and performance across the enterprise.

AcesoCloud Analytics solutions are based on the Analyze-Plan-Otimize (APO) model for supporting clinical and/or operational process improvement initiatives. The APO model offers an effective framework to organize and control process improvement projects, optimize resources and re-engineer care pathways.



    Evaluate performance using detailed operational reports, core metrics and improved visibility across the clinical value chain.


    Design the blueprint to adapt to new challenges and achieve growth expectations using an unique powerful analytics platform.


    Cloud solutions that optimize health and financial outcomes to deliver realizable return on investment while not compromising on quality of care.

Technical Architecture

The data when seen using advanced interactive visualizations, in the form of infographics and dashboards, can help decision makers derive significant insights to initiate and execute specific, actionable clinical and operational interventions that lead to improved quality, outcomes and waste reduction.

AcesoCloud Data Warehouse Architecture


HIPAA Compliant Infrastructure

HIPAA compliance goes beyond information security and AcesoCloud understands this. Though many cloud-based or hosted infrastructure providers claim to be HIPAA compliant, they only offer the tools for you to do-it-yourself.

AcesoCloud offers a truly HIPAA compliant infrastructure comprising multiple layers of compliance, viz, Data-Center Compliance, Cloud Infrastructure Compliance, Disaster Recovery Compliance and Cloud Backup Compliance. With AcesoCloud’s solutions you can be sure that your applications and data are HIPAA compliant, secure and optimized to deliver measurable and sustainable outcomes.


Secure Cloud

Secure and optimized cloud platform to deliver quality and performance improvement

Multi Dimensional

Data analysis for different levels of granularity across the horizontal model

Big Data Framework

NO SQL big data framework for data storage, make the application scalable and easy to access

Advanced Search

An advanced search engine allows fast and swift content search on any application in the platform.

Mobile Access

Data collection framework compatible with Android, Windows & other platforms

Excel Integration

Analytic engine tightly integrated with MSExcel for data upload and building automatic data cubes


Quick turnaround time

  • Late binding data model for real-time analytics
  • Snowflake / Star schema data warehouse
  • Identification of data quality issues
  • Fastest implementation timeline

Multidisciplinary actions

  • Integrate disparate and unstructured data
  • Link critical financial and clinical data
  • Identify gaps in process and delivery of care
  • Manage and measure process improvements

Powerful, intuitive solution

  • Manage ETL processes
  • Dashboards downloadable in PDF and excel
  • App builder for mobile and web-based services
  • Inbuilt alert engine
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