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AcesoCloud’s suite of analytical, automation and quality improvement solutions help in saving lives and improve business performance in the long term.

The solutions analyze big data to identify and value improvement opportunities across the enterprise – revenue generation, cost reduction, clinical pathways, network optimization, patient populations, appointments, patient satisfaction, protocol automation and compliance. It aligns value-based opportunities with the organization’s long term goals.

AcesoCloud solutions use data mining, machine learning, and big data framework that work in real-time to generate insights and automated reports that not only aid decision making but also help achieve compliance, lower LOS, costs and clinical delays.

PI Analytics Solution for Sepsis

PI Analytics

pi-analytics Maximize the value of your data with the AcesoCloud’s simple yet powerful advanced analytic solution. Serving as a single source of truth through data aggregation, AcesoCloud PI Analytics empowers stakeholders to make data driven strategic decisions for sustainable outcomes.

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sepsisAnalyticsWith AcesoCloud’s ready to use SepsisAnalytics process improvement and quality teams can evaluate processes efficiency and identify gaps in no time to improve overall effectiveness of sepsis programs.


SepsisClockSepsisClock enables sepsis coordinators, nurses and physicians to enforce standard care protocols, ensure three hour and six hour compliance, collaborate care and intervene swiftly in case of clinical variations and/or anomalies.


SepsisPlannerThe end-to-end program management module ensures process improvements are planned, executed, tracked and measured with precision. It also ensures allocation of roles and responsibilities within the care team.


sepsis360Sepsis360 seamlessly integrates the SepsisAnalytics, SepsisClock & SepsisPlanner into holistic sepsis software that combines analytics, collaboration and program management solutions to deliver critical insights based on advanced analytics, and care coordination and sustainable program improvements.

Want to transform your sepsis program?

Advanced sepsis software that leverages analytics to improve sepsis program and clinical outcomes.

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Sepsis Solutions

Healthcare transformation through collaboration
Identify risks, improve care coordination and optimize the care process


Healthcare transformation through collaboration

Identify Risk, Improve Care, Adopt Efficiency, Optimize Value Chain


User-friendly interface and easy big data access to analyze and understand key metric


Analytics that ensures quick risk analysis and visibility across the clinical value chain


Collaborated care delivery, monitoring process improvements, resource utilization and outcomes

Advanced Sepsis Software Solutions
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