Improve Your Financial Health and Patient Management Processes

AcesoCloud’s COVID-19 Financial Health Assistant, Patient Surveillance Assistant and Hospital Capacity Modeler help hospitals manage the impact of the novel coronavirus. Whether to minimize the financial impact of government-mandated preparedness or manage in-patient flows, AcesoCloud has hospitals covered with its cloud-based software solutions.

COVID-19 has been anything but predictable. Fortunately, AcesoCloud offers AI-driven solutions to empower more effective decision making and improve value-based care outcomes. When hospitals partner with AcesoCloud, the challenges facing healthcare providers across the United States become more manageable. 

Hospital Finance and Patient Surveillance Software

COVID-19 Financial Solutions

Rapid Results to Recover Revenues

COVID-19 Clinical Solutions​

Saves Time to Save Lives

COVID-19 Capacity Planning

Compares Capacity to Control Curves

Hospital Finance Solutions: Achieve Rapid Results to Recover Revenues

Hospitals face a financial crisis as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc across the country. Between postponing elective surgery services and government mandates to reserve space in order to meet projected COVID-19-infected patient flows, healthcare facilities—large and small—are under severe pressure. Designed specifically to help hospitals weather the storm during crises, COVID-19 Financial Health Assistant (FHA) helps hospitals manage the financial impact and recover losses. With treatment analysis, length of stay (LOS) and other required data, hospitals can submit validated claims to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. COVID-19 FHA:

  • Tracks patients’ treatment lifecycle costs, calculate revenue losses and expenses
  • Offers billing assistance, financial reconciliation and Audit and Appeals support
  • Analyzes the financial impact of COVID-19, yearly revenue comparisons, stimulus funding support and CMS compliance

COVID-19 Financial Health Assistant

COVID-19 Financial Tracking Assistant

Patient and financial tracking enables:

  • Accurate patient-data capture, including tests, treatment, admission, status, discharge and medicines
  • Bill payment and payment receipt correlation
  • Patient information access for chart audits

COVID-19 Management Reporting Assistant

The plug-n-play report solution analyzes:

  • Financial impact of COVID-19—lost patients and revenue, cost and COVID-19 patient volume
  • CARES Act funding status
  • Updated regulations to ensure compliance at all times

COVID-19 Financial Reporting Assistant

Financial impact of COVID-19 analyzes:

  • Patient and revenue loss
  • Year-to-year patient-volume comparison
  • CARES Act funding status

COVID-19 Revenue Cycle Assistant

Billing assistance features enable:

  • COVID-19 patients and coding guidelines correlation
  • Chart reviews for coding staff
  • Audits and appeals support

COVID-19 Patient Surveillance Assistant

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm but AcesoCloud is fighting back. To help healthcare providers efficiently plan for and manage the onslaught of positive novel coronavirus hospitalizations, AcesoCloud rapidly responded to the call by launching COVID-19 Patient Surveillance Assistant.

This essential AI-based software solution compiles patient data within one system so healthcare providers can effortlessly track a patient’s status, location and vital signs as well as easily see treatments administered, resources used and medication history, all in real time. By automating data collection from hospital electronic medical records (EMRs), COVID-19 PSA:

  • Tracks each patient from the moment they present at the hospital
  • Collects all vitals, locations, treatments and medicines administered
  • Empowers nurses, doctors and rapid response team to improve quality outcomes and lower costs

COVID-19 Patient Tracker

An automated dashboard provides:

  • Real-time data from the EMR to track COVID-19 patients from admission to discharge
  • Auto-populated lists of patients with negative COVID-19 result
  • Automated ranking of all staff potentially exposed (high, medium, low)

COVID-19 Reports and Analysis

Hospital capacity automation delivers:

  • Record keeping with compliant regulatory reports generated at the touch of a button
  • Clinical, financial and compliance systems integrated with EMRs
  • Continuous compliance with CDC, CMS and state regulations

COVID-19 Patient Navigator

Proactive and post-discharge outreach to:

  • High-risk patient identification (per CDC guideline)
  • Updated patient follow-up calendar, based on staff availability
  • Automated text and email generation for efficient patient follow-up

COVID-19 Capacity Manager

Real-time updates on capacity utilization offers:

  • Calculation of patients admitted, discharged and mortality rates
  • ICU, sub-ICU and floor bed utilization for capacity planning
  • Scenario projection analytics for “what if” contingency planning

Hospital Capacity Modeler

This free tool models your current capacity to treat patients based on daily public infection rates. Enter or upload your hospital capacity details to project your ability to keep up with projected doubling rates. Or click on the button below to have us help you set up the model.

Local Projections

Compare capacity against COVID-19 infection counts at the county level​.

Capacity Data

Project your hospital's resource capacity.

Trend Projections

Visualize projections of COVID-19 doubling rates against capacity trends​.