Healthcare Predictive Analytics Platform

Optimize critical care management through hospital data analytics platform

Hospital Data Analytics allow doctors, nurses and hospital executives to improve patient outcomes at a lower cost of care. By streaming data from multiple sources—including electronic medical record (EMR) and financial data—healthcare providers and operational staff can focus more time on improving outcomes while successfully lowering costs.

For hospital data analytics software to add value, data must pass through three stages: data capture, data provisioning and data analysis. AcesoCloud’s cloud-based platform with embedded artificial intelligence excels at all three stages to help hospitals maximize value-based care.

Three Hospital Data Analytics Stages: Data Capture Data Provisioning Data Analytics

Data Capture

Data Capture

Acquire key data elements | Guarantee quality of data | Collate data from multiple sources
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Data Provisioning

Data Provisioning

Data transformation | Data mining | Data interpretation
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Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Parse & visualize | Ad hoc reports | Advanced analytics
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Data Intelligence in Healthcare

Within the healthcare domain, change is the only constant. Since a single patient encounter can generate hundreds of transactions and data points, it's important to mine large datasets and interpret appropriately. Now, hospitals can identify opportunities to lower costs and improve value-based care. In the absence of an enterprise data warehouse, the vast amount of clinical, financial and operational data inefficiently reside in respective department folders. This forces executive and medical leadership to make critical business and clinical decisions based on incomplete data.

Hospital Data Analytics

Driven by a metadata ETL engine, the predictive analytics platform extracts data from multiple sources. Then it transforms that data by using late-binding technology to load it into the right place at the right time. This HIPAA-compliant healthcare data solution is secure, reliable and scalable. By seamlessly integrating real-time clinical and patient information across disparate sources, the hospital data analytics platform integrates with existing hospital electronic medical systems. Hospitals can now store all data in one centralized, easily accessible system.

Hospital Data Analytics

Health Management Solutions

Clinical variation could be critical in evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness in care delivery. Hospitals that use data analytics to identify variation can improve quality.

Based on the analyze, plan and optimize (APO) model for supporting clinical and operational process improvement initiatives, the healthcare analytics platform offers an effective framework to organize and control process-improvement projects, optimize resources, and re-engineer care pathways.

Hospital Data Analytics Platform

HIPAA compliance transcends information security. Though many cloud-based or hosted-infrastructure providers claim to be HIPAA compliant, they often offer do-it-yourself tools.

The truly HIPAA-compliant infrastructure comprises multiple layers: data-center compliance, cloud infrastructure compliance, disaster recovery compliance and cloud backup compliance. Hospitals can be sure that their applications and data are HIPAA compliant, secure and optimized to deliver sustainably measurable outcomes.


Secure Cloud

Secure and optimized cloud platform to deliver quality and performance improvement


Data analysis for different levels of granularity across the horizontal model

Big Data Framework

Big data framework for data storage makes the application scalable and easily accessible

Advanced Search

An advanced search engine allows fast content search on any application in the platform

Mobile Access

Data collection framework compatible with Android, Windows and other platforms

Excel Integration

Analytic engine tightly integrated with Excel for data upload and building automatic data cubes

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Hospital Data Analytics Benefits

COVID-19 Capacity Planning
Quick turnaround time

  • Analyze data in real-time via late-binding data model
  • Store snowflake/star schema in data warehouse
  • Identify data quality issues
  • Experience fastest implementation times

Multidisciplinary actions

  • Integrate disparate and unstructured data
  • Link critical financial and clinical data
  • Identify gaps in process and delivery of care
  • Guide and measure process improvements

Powerful, intuitive solution

  • Manage ETL processes
  • Download dashboards in PDF and Excel
  • Build apps for mobile and web-based services
  • Receive automated alerts