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Combating Sepsis with Real-Time Analytics


With AcesoCloud’s ready to use SepsisAnalytics healthcare providers can quickly analyze sepsis financial and clinical data to understand how their sepsis program is performing. Process improvement and quality teams can evaluate processes efficiency and identify gaps in no time to improve overall effectiveness of sepsis programs.

Only AcesoCloud provides easy to implement and highly configurable analytics solution that is cost effective and delivers noticeable results in days.


  • outlier-detection

Ready to Use

Cloud based plug-n-play analytics solution delivers sustainable and measurable outcomes in days

Multiple Dashboards

Dashboards to analyze clinical and financial processes and design improvements

Data Integration

‘Real time’ and ‘accurate’ analytics to help clinicians intervene with patient care

Mobile Integration

Supports iOS, Microsoft and Android platforms to deliver utmost user experience

Control Based Access

Different users based on their roles can have to access relevant dashboards

Data Cohesion

Analytics framework for collecting, sorting and analyzing data from disparate sources


Analyze sepsis programs

  • Get 3600 view of your sepsis program
  • Understand financial impact
  • Track and measure program improvements

Gain insight across metrics

  • Ready access to Intuitive dashboards
  • Access to cost analysis in real-time
  • Identify patterns and trends

Robust analytics platform

  • Data visualization platform
  • Control over data governance
  • Granular data analysis
  • NOSQL Big Data framework
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Reduce Sepsis Mortality with SepsisClock
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