Intelligent Hospital Solutions

AcesoCloud’s advanced patient management solutions help hospitals manage critical care processes efficiently by leveraging real-time electronic medical record (EMR) data for more accurate decision making. By automating the data entry processes, doctors, nurses and rapid response teams can spend more of their time treating patients.

Whether empowering hospitals to defeat pandemics like COVID-19 or respond rapidly to time-critical sepsis cases, the cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) platform ensures clinicians have the information they need when they need it. The easy-to-implement software helps healthcare providers achieve better patient outcomes right out of the box while the AI capability enables hospital administrators to improve value-based care.

Patient Management Solutions for Hospitals

COVID-19 Patient Surveillance Assistant

Saves Time to Save Lives

This essential AI-based software solution compiles patient data within one system so healthcare providers can effortlessly track a patient’s status, location and vital signs as well as easily see treatments administered, resources used and medication history, all in real time. By automating data collection from hospital electronic medical records (EMRs), COVID-19 PSA:

  • Tracks patients from the moment they present at the hospital
  • Collects all vitals, locations, treatments & medicines
  • Empowers nurses, doctors and rapid response team to improve quality outcomes and lower costs

COVID-19 Financial Health Assistant

Rapid Results to Recover Revenues

Designed specifically to help hospitals weather the storm during crises, COVID-19 Financial Health Assistant (FHA) helps hospitals manage the financial impact and recover losses. With treatment analysis, length of stay (LOS) and other required data, hospitals can submit validated claims to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act. COVID-19 FHA:

  • Tracks patient’s treatment lifecycle costs, calculates P&L
  • Offers billing, financial reconciliation and Audit and Appeals support
  • Analyzes the financial impact of COVID-19, yearly revenue comparisons, stimulus funding and CMS compliance
COVID 19 - coronavirus
COVID-19 Preparedness with Hospital Capacity Modeler

Hospital Patient Management Analysis

Outcome Analytics integrate hospital data sources in real time to derive actionable insights for more informed decision-making and facilitates access to data in real time. Healthcare organizations can shift from relying solely on generic reports and dashboards to developing powerful analytic applications that drive performance improvement and quality throughout the organization.

Outcome Analytics

Outcome Analytics
Data Analytics

  • Receive real-time insights
  • Make sense of complex analytical models
  • Improve value-based care with intuitive dashboards

Data Modeling

  • Improve data lifespan
  • Ensure real-time data reliability
  • Generate powerful analytics

Data Visualization

  • View data holistically
  • Explore data to identify patterns
  • Correlate data to improve performance

Data Integration

  • Easy access, regardless of form or format
  • Clinical data
  • Operational data

Patient Management Solutions to Reduce Sepsis Mortality and Costs

Sepsis360 ensures optimal sepsis program management, protocol implementation in accordance with CMS core measures and cost reduction. SepsisClock enables sepsis coordinators, nurses and physicians to enforce standard care protocols, ensure 3- and 6-hour compliance and intervene instantaneously when required. SepsisAnalytics help improve quality and reduces cost by presenting critical information through intuitive operational, financial and quality dashboards.


Sepsis Management
Protocol Automation

  • Implement 3- and 6-hour bundles
  • Track and measure outcomes
  • Optimize follow-up and monitoring


  • Monitor compliance initiatives
  • Compile data for CMS submission
  • Generate CMS-compliant reports

Operational Insights

  • Analyze variability
  • Combine clinical and financial matrices
  • Calculate trends and project outcomes

A Sepsis Solution You Can Count On

The next five minutes may save lives.

Hospital Data Analytics Platform

Experience the Power

When it comes to the healthcare industry, change is the only constant. A single patient encounter can generate hundreds of transactions and data points. So hospitals must be able to sort large datasets and interpret information appropriately before they can identify issues resolve gaps Without an enterprise data warehouse, the vast amounts of clinical, financial and operational data reside inefficiently in disparate department folders. Yet operational and medical leadership must make critical, far-reaching business and clinical decisions based on incomplete data. By harnessing and organizing the data, AcesoCloud optimizes workflows and processes—automating tasks wherever possible—to help hospitals lower costs and improve quality of care. Experience the benefits this cloud-based AI platform can do for your hospital.

Hospital Data Analytics
Hospital Data Capture

  • Acquire key data elements
  • Assure data quality
  • Collate data from multiple sources

Hospital Data Provisioning

  • Create, prepare and provide data
  • Mine patient data sets
  • Extract patient data patterns

Healthcare Data Analytics

  • Visualize patterns
  • Generate ad hoc reports
  • Improve value-based care