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Analytics for Quality & Performance Improvement

Get Proactive: Drive continual performance improvement through analytics

Driving Continual Performance Improvement

Analytics that help improve patient outcomes and lower costs

PI Analytics, a scalable Agile solution, is built on a powerful analytics platform that integrates hospitals’ data sources and facilitates access to data in real time. It helps healthcare organization shift from relying solely on generic reports and dashboards to developing powerful analytic applications that drive effective decision-making throughout the organization.

Maximize the value of your data with the AcesoCloud’s simple yet powerful advanced analytic solutions. Serving as a single source of truth through data aggregation, PI Analytics empowers stakeholders to make data driven strategic decisions by:

  • Removing data silos
  • Creating transparency
  • Correlating business decisions and patient outcomes

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AcesoCloud Performance Improvement (PI) Analytics Platform


Data Integration

Easy access to relevant clinical and operational data, regardless of form or format

Data Quality

Improve data lifespan and powerful analytics by ensuring data to be consistent, reliable and real time

Data Management

Govern your data, create a single unified view to implement effective processes

Data Visualization

View data holistically by exploring data to identify patterns and correlations leading to new insights

Impactful Analytics

Insights faster than ever before by processing complex analytical models in minutes



Ready out-of-box

Cloud based plug-n-play analytics solution delivers sustainable and measurable outcomes in days

HIPAA Compliant

Multiple layers of HIPAA compliant infrastructure that ensures information and data security

Multiple Dashboards

Various dashboards to help analyze clinical and financial processes and design improvements

Secure Cloud

Secure and optimized cloud platform to deliver quality and performance improvement

Quality Improvement

Analytics, automation and accountability lead to improved quality and performance

Disaster Recovery

Frequent backup to optimize, retrieve and recreate dashboards in no time in case of loss of data


Pre-defined Metrics

  • Key clinical and financial metrics
  • Correlation between cost and outcomes
  • Evaluate clinical performance & quality measures

Performance Analysis

  • Provider performance analysis
  • Performance comparison of clinical bundles
  • Measure variability

Reports & Dashboards

  • Out of the box regulatory & compliance reports
  • Over 30 customized dashboards
  • Identify performance improvement opportunities
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