Clinical teams in hospitals can use SepsisClock to improve quality of care. It helps automate protocol implementation, improve care coordination and ensure CMS compliance.

Feb 21, 2016 (Sunnyvale, CA) –AcesoCloud launched its sepsis care coordination solution, SepsisClock at the Society of Critical Care Medicine’s (SCCM) 45th Critical Care Congress. SepsisClock is a cloud based solution for hospitals to automate their sepsis care protocols, manage patient care, ensure CMS compliance and improve sepsis outcomes. The solution leverages collaboration tools to help the sepsis care provider team better care coordination improved results. The constant flow of real-time data is presented in easy to interpret dashboards for teams to ensure protocol is followed and helps them act quickly to exceptions and significantly lower the mortality rate of sepsis patients in ICU/sub-ICU where sepsis is most commonly treated.

SepsisClock is a sepsis clinical solution for nurses, physicians, sepsis coordinators and care administrators to ensure care bundles such as the ones by the Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC) or your own protocols are initiated on time. By using SepsisClock, clinicians have been able to dramatically reduce the pre and post-ICU processes and shortened length of stay. The solution offers an integrated messenger that facilitates seamless collaboration and care coordination.

SepsisClock includes customer-designed workflows and algorithms that help monitor and evaluate patient information in real-time. It automates clinical protocols and bundle implementation while identifying early warning signals of sepsis, often overlooked in the EMR. We believe in partnering with hospitals to aggressively reduce the human and economic toll of sepsis.”said Pravat Rout, co-founder of AcesoCloud. SepsisClock is a part of the bigger ambit of tools and processes that address the human elements impacting sepsis rates, including clinical change management to develop best practices, provider education and advanced analytics and cloud based solutions to combat sepsis.”

Using SepsisClock

  • The quality improvement team is empowered to make decisions with access to real-time clinical data.
  • Data can be tracked to identify clinical process gaps and non-compliance.
  • Nurses are guided by in-built clinical guidance and decision support tool.
  • Nurses can either manually enter patient data or import it from EMRs to receive automated alerts.
  • Care intervention, while the patient is still in the hospital, leading to lower mortality, costs and readmission rates.
  • The hospitals overall performance improves due to improved CMS compliance.

The SepsisClock software helps sepsis coordinators and care team to manage protocol compliance, CMS reporting requirements and real-time clinical reporting, paving way not only for improved sepsis outcomes but also for system-wide best practices and performance improvement.

About AcesoCloud

AcesoCloud was formed by passionate clinical, information technology and industry visionaries, to assist hospitals reduce sepsis mortality and cost-of-care. Its analytics, collaboration and program management solutions are designed to assist hospitals quickly assess their sepsis programs, plan initiatives, implement care, launch process improvement programs and monitor sepsis projects. AcesoCloud comprehensive suites of Sepsis solutions include SepsisAnalytics, SepsisClock and Sepsis360. The cloud based solutions allow users to utilize it as stand-alone initiatives for assessment and care co-ordination or as an enterprise wide program to realize improved clinical and financial outcomes.

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