AcesoCloud Releases Sepsis Analytics Solutions for Healthcare Systems To Help Them Have 360Degree Visibility of their Sepsis Programs

AcesoCloud,today launched SepsisAnalytics, its cloud based analytics software solutions for healthcare systems. SepsisAnalytics will help health systems gain full visibility of their sepsis programs, access data from anywhere and deliver better clinical and financial outcomes.

May 20, 2015 (Sunnyvale CA) – AcesoCloud today announced the launch of SepsisAnalytics, a cloud based sepsis analytics solution using which healthcare systems can be in control of their sepsis programs. AcesoCloud’s SepsisAnalytics solution will assist healthcare systems to quickly analyze sepsis programs, assess program needs, plan initiatives, coordinate care, initiate process improvements, plan budget, and monitor progress of sepsis projects.

“Most hospitals and care providers run sepsis programs that have been in place for years with some minor improvements. Change to such sepsis programs needs to be planned, reviewed, implemented and approved by multiple stakeholders and cost thousands of dollars. Hence it is critical that right at the onset, hospitals assess their program needs, identify process gaps and plan program improvements to be able to deliver better outcomes.” said Pravat Rout, co-founder of AcesoCloud.“Using SepsisAnalytics, health systems can gain in-depth insights on processes outcomes, emerging needs and existing gaps, and plan initiatives.”

SepsisAnalytics from AcesoCloud allows healthcare systems analyze and optimize the effectiveness of sepsis clinical programs, in terms of clinical and financial outcomes and operational efficiency.

The SepsisAnalytics software produces interactive, observable and intuitive infographics, dashboards and reports that help to better conceptualize the relationship between variables, the degree of dependence, and find the real meaning in the numbers. The software offers multiple clinical, operational and financial dashboards in easily downloadable formats.

Being cloud based SepsisAnalytics does not need licensing or installation. It is ready for implementation and delivers results within a few hours.

SepsisAnalytics combines data visualization with powerful analytics to help care providers gain a better perspective of clinical processes, optimize resource utilization, and monitor the progress of their sepsis programs in order to improve the overall effectiveness of sepsis programs. With SepsisAnalytics health systems can gain control over sepsis program costs by having a 360 degree visibility of costs heads and timelines.

About AcesoCloud

AcesoCloud was formed, by passionate clinical, information technology and industry visionaries, to assist healthcare systems reduce sepsis mortality and cost-of-care. Its analytics, collaboration and program management solutions are designed to assist healthcare systems quickly assess their sepsis programs, plan initiatives, implement care, launch process improvement programs and monitor sepsis projects. Sepsis Analytics Solutions for Healthcare from AcesoCloud include SepsisAnalytics, Sepsis360 and SepsisClock. The cloud based sepsis solutions will let users utilize it as stand-alone initiatives for assessment and care co-ordination or as a corporate wide program to realize planned clinical and financial outcomes.

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