Access to 24/7 support by a team of well-trained customer care executives and technical professionals ready to engage through a variety of digital and voice based channels at disposal.


AcesoCloud strives to achieve excellence in services and endow customers with the latest technology and cost-effective solutions that improve the bottom line.


AcesoCloud consistently deploys expertise to train people, transform the Clinical Value Chain into powerful business model, and achieve cost savings and quality improvements.

Access Software Support Experts

Contact software support experts using a variety of channels. The support team is committed to resolving your queries in the shortest possible time.

Support Portal

Get access to everything from this single support hub. Support Portal is your gateway to access App Center, Knowledge Base, product documentation and more.


If you feel the need to talk with an executive to assist you, reaching us by phone is the way to go. Telephonic support is included with every subscription.


When the nature of your query is not urgent, an email is the right choice. You could send emails about issues, enhancements, knowledge base or product query.


Browse all the apps in the App Center that you could download to enhance your solution. You will find apps by AcesoCloud, partner apps, interfaces and tools.

Knowledge Base

Access a collection of how-to resources specially prepared to help you understand the product functionality and features. View presentations and case studies.


Updated product documentation for each solution is available through the support portal. Files are offered online for certain products as downloadable PDFs.

AcesoCloud Services Empower You to Write Success Stories

Services team from AcesoCloud partners with client teams to power business growth through advisory and solution consulting services.

Solution consulting

If you need assistance from experts who can translate your business requirements and configure services with tailor-made protocols, the solution group is ready to guide you.

Product-development teams engaged in designing the application are now actively associated with users to create new functionalities and update the applications.

AcesoCloud shares its expertise to help hospitals consistently reduce costs and improve value-based care.

Advisory services

Infections are a growing global healthcare crisis. Factoring in an aging population, current research projects sepsis incidents will increase, creating an even greater threat.

There is an urgent need to bring down cost while enhancing the quality of care and AcesoCloud offers years of experience in refining clinical care management.

Clinicians and finance departments can receive optimized program processes and customized analytics to improve population health management and scale clinical value.

Master AcesoCloud Products to Maximize Your Benefit

AcesoCloud’s innovative software solutions transform the way you manage your clinical care programs and increase savings. The intuitive software allows you to operate it like an expert.


Get an overview of the product, its purpose, value and benefits, and empower your business with tools that leverage AcesoCloud technology for your success.

User Training

Different users interact with the product differently. User training is designed to help users learn the best way to deploy applications to suit their needs.

Implementation Training

Implementation by AcesoCloud may take anywhere from a few days to months. The enterprise training program empowers users to implement the software using their own teams.