Intelligent Cloud-based Solutions for COVID-19 Clinical Analytics Financial Analytics Sepsis Stroke

COVID-19: Model. Predict. Prepare.

AcesoCloud’s resource and patient management software harness electronic medical record (EMR) and operational data to make hospitals more efficient. This powerful platform helps healthcare providers to continuously improve patient outcomes while lowering the overall cost of care.

By combining an easy-to-implement cloud platform with embedded artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, AcesoCloud offers hospital software solutions that positively impact patient flow right out of the box. Furthermore, the AI-driven platform will add predictive analytics so patient and hospital management processes become more efficient over time.

Patient Management Software For Hospitals

Operations and Finance Solutions

AI-embedded solutions help hospital CEOs and CFOs improve cash flow through automated outcome analyses, cost calculations and operational projections.

Patient Management Solutions

Cloud-based software streams data from EMRs to equip doctors, nurses and rapid response teams with real-time patient data for improved value-based outcomes.

Hospital Data Analytics Platform

Intuitive dashboards help decision makers gain actionable insights to take proactive steps that improve quality, outcomes and waste reduction.

Patient management software for medical teams to save time to save lives

COVID-19 Solutions

By automating data collection from EMRs, nurses, doctors, coordinators and rapid response teams can spend more of their finite time focused on saving lives.


Cloud-based solution for identification, protocol automation, compliance and collaboration that helps improve patient outcomes and lower costs.

Outcome Analytics

Serving as a single source of truth, healthcare data analytics empowers clinical practitioners and administrators to make data-driven strategic decisions.

Performance improvement solutions for better outcomes reduced costs

Patient Management and Operational Hospital Analysis

As healthcare providers move towards value-based care models, the adoption of superior technology, data analytics and performance improvement software is imperative to identify pain points, elevate quality of care and reduce costs. AcesoCloud's Outcome Analytics delivers results that help hospital administrators drive value and improve results.

How to use


  • Register for service
  • Access software
  • Upload data


  • Receive analysis
  • Gain insights
  • Set goals


  • Track performance
  • Refine analysis
  • Enable AI

What to expect


  • Net saving goals
  • Clinical improvement
  • Readmission reduction


  • Patient flow and LOS
  • Utilization analysis
  • Physician metrics


  • Better clinical outcomes
  • Reduced costs
  • Continuous improvement