Free Hospital Capacity Modeler

Assess your preparedness to manage COVID-19 cases

AcesoCloud’s Hospital Capacity Modeler supports hospital capacity planning by enabling hospitals to plan for future requirements based on anticipated COVID-19 doubling rates at the county level. By plugging in the forecasted doubling rate, number of regular, sub-ICU and ICU beds, nurses required per bed type and available ventilators, hospitals can visualize trends and plan for conditions that correlate with their local community needs.

Whether utilizing the free or Pro versions, hospitals can apply the power of prediction to enhance their COVID-19 preparedness.

The COVID-19 Challenge

Only our heroic care givers—who fight the pandemic on the frontlines—can truly appreciate the magnitude of this battle to defeat the novel coronavirus. This includes the need to efficiently manage patients, resources and costs. But healthcare providers and administrators can't fight what they cannot see. To help hospitals prepare for COVID-19 infections, AcesoCloud created Hospital Capacity Modeler so they can model their current capacity to treat patients based on daily public infection rates. Simply enter the local data and your hospital capacity details to project your ability to keep up with projected doubling rates.

Hospital Capacity Planning

Hospital capacity planning just got a lot easier. The power of prediction in now in the palm of your hand.

Hospital Capacity Modeler contains a limited set of data to enter or upload such as the county doubling time, projection days, your number of discharges by day, nursing ratios, ICU capacity and ventilators. Simply plug in the data and see an instant analysis of community trends against your hospital’s capacity. Within seconds, you can see a daily update including:

  • Hospital infection projections
  • County infection projections
  • Inpatient population projections
  • ICU, sub-ICU and floor bed availability
  • Staff availability
  • Ventilator availability

What to Expect

Hospital Capacity Data​

Hospital Capacity Data

Accurate graph of your resource capacity​
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Preparedness Picture​

Preparedness Picture

Visualization of local infections and capacity trends​
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Local COVID-19 Trends​

Local COVID-19 Trends​

Current public infection counts at the county level​
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