Sepsis Management Solutions​

To combat sepsis — a multifaceted disease with high mortality rates — early diagnosis and rapid treatment is critical, but sepsis management is a very complex process. When every second counts, clinicians need accurate health data as soon as possible.

AcesoCloud’s sepsis management solutions stream real-time electronic medical record (EMR) data into a cloud-based patient tracking software package that lets rapid response teams spend more time treating patients to improve sepsis patient outcomes and lower the cost of care. 

Solutions To Improve Sepsis Outcomes


Combat sepsis with real-time analytics


Reduce sepsis costs and improve outcomes


Unify analytics, automation and compliance

Real-time Sepsis Management Software Helps Reduce Mortality Rates

Sepsis360 is an end-to-end solution that seamlessly integrates program analysis, sepsis protocol automation, real-time monitoring and compliance. Automation is the key.

This collaboration solution empowers sepsis nurses, rapid response teams, physicians and hospital administrators improve quality of sepsis care value-based outcomes. The app ensures 3-hour and 6-hour compliance in accordance with CMS core measures and guidelines prescribed by Surviving Sepsis Campaign (SSC), analytics that help improve patient outcomes and lower cost of care.

Sepsis Management Attributes

Automation. Collaboration. Compliance.

AcesoCloud's Sepsis360 enables hospitals to quickly implement sepsis protocols and care coordination processes to improve quality of care and mortality. This easy-to-use care coordination, protocol automation and compliance solution—specifically designed for nurses, physicians, sepsis coordinators and care administrators—ensures timely initiation and implementation of sepsis bundles in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

CMS Protocols, SIRS and SOFA

Sepsis360 facilitates the implementation of sepsis protocols, maps patient vitals against SIRS criteria and calculates SOFA scores.

Nurse Navigator Support

Sepsis360 supports nurse navigators as they try to prevent readmission of discharged patients and costly penalties.

Reduce Sepsis Program Costs

Sepsis360 helps analyze cost of care, reimbursements and contribution margins to analyze costs and improve hospitals' financial health.

End-to-End, Out-of-the-Box Solution

The fully integrated analytics, clinical and navigation solution drives sustainable program improvements and patient outcomes.

Sepsis Management
Convinced these sepsis solutions save time to save lives?

Reduce Mortality and Morbidity With Sepsis Management Software

With high incidences of mortality and morbidity, hospitals across the U.S. must optimize sepsis programs. Efforts to decrease hospital mortality should focus on compliance with protocols and better care coordination. It has been estimated that—with early sepsis detection and evidence-based treatment—there would be 35% fewer deaths annually and 1.25 million fewer hospital days.

Sepsis Analytics

Sepsis Protocols

Implement 3- and 6-hour sepsis bundles on time.

Actionable Information

Improve rapid decision-making with real-time data.

CMS Core Measures

Submit consistently compliant clinical-data reports.