Sepsis outcomes continue to be the cause of concern, while Sepsis remains single most expensive condition treated in US hospitals, costing over $20.5 billion annually, representing 5.2% of total inpatient costs. Accounting for 6.9% of all Medicare costs, Sepsis is also the most expensive condition billed to Medicare.

Despite the enormous spending on treating sepsis, mortality continues to be as high as 258,000 lives annually—often due of delayed diagnosis than treatment inaccuracy. It has been estimated that if hospitals in the US are able to achieve early diagnosis of Sepsis and provide evidenced based treatment, there would be 92,000 fewer deaths, 1.25 million fewer hospital days, and reductions in hospital expenditures of over $1.5 billion annually.

Healthcare systems globally are turning towards analytics to reduce sepsis mortality and bring sepsis care costs under control.

There is evidence to indicate that hospitals that adopt advanced analytics and technology solutions are able to better manage Sepsis. For a 300-bed hospital, the average savings is about US$2 million attributed to shorter LOS.

Sepsis Management from AcesoCloud is a cloud based analytics product that lets you assess effectiveness of sepsis clinical programs, financial impact of sepsis programs and sepsis programs operational efficiency and benchmarking them against peers. It offers in-depth insights and clinical decision support mechanism to develop appropriate sepsis care programs.

Developed with the objective of improving outcomes for sepsis care while cutting cost and response time, SepsisAnalytics unifies the clinical and operational processes and brings together disparate groups from physicians to nurses to business process improvement and finance teams into a view of the program that facilitates collaboration.