High Quality Care - Hospitals are moving to value based care

Is it possible to deliver high quality care while still being profitable?

Does your hospital’s clinical and financial data speak in different languages that mean different things to different people? In all probability they do. Are you doing enough to establish a logical link between the many datasets? In all possibility, you’re … Read More

Agile Healthcare Analytics

Agile Healthcare Analytics: Better Care at Affordable Cost

Agile Healthcare Analytics for Transforming Patient Care Healthcare systems are increasingly embracing new analytics and automation solutions for transforming patient care in intensive care units (ICU). Hospitals, using analytics solutions have been able to not only reduce patient morbidity and … Read More

Healtcare Analytics

Healthcare Analytics: Contain Costs & Deliver High Quality Care

Healthcare spending in the US is expected to reach $4.8 trillion by 2021 accounting for 20% of its GPP, up from $2.6 trillion in 2010 (18% of GDP), of which wasteful spending comprises 30%- 45%. A 2012 study estimated that five … Read More

4 Ways to Minimize Healthcare IT Hardware Cost

Healthcare organizations across the world, be it providers, payers, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies or medical research institutions, are overwhelmed with the large amounts of electronic data and the certainty that it will only keep increasing. Organizations are fully aware … Read More

Is Your Sepsis Program Delivering Expected Results?

Developing robust and holistic sepsis program is the only possible combat mechanism that hospitals can equip themselves with to deal with Sepsis. But is your sepsis program delivering expected results? Sepsis is a critical medical condition that affects over 750,000 … Read More

Transitioning from Volume-Based to Value-Based Reimbursement: Are you ready?

Hospitals are under immense pressure to develop newer models of care as the mandate for transitioning to value-based reimbursement, one of the greatest financial challenges faced by health systems, draws closer. This has caused care providers to make changes in … Read More


Automation in healthcare: Does it help?

Automation in healthcare is anything that is powered by information technology (IT), takes lesser time for execution of clinical and operational processes, saves resources, enhances outcomes and is sustainable. Most CEOs and CFOs of hospital and healthcare systems are focused … Read More


Six Steps to Reduce Clinical Variation Using Analytics

Variation in clinical processes, care standards and medical practice is a truth that continues to exist despite the availability of sophisticated tools and technology. It not only leads to inappropriate utilisation of resources and exaggerated healthcare spending, but also leads to … Read More

Information Visualization

Sepsis Analytics Combines Data Visualization and Powerful Analytics

Despite leading health systems paying so much attention to sepsis programs, sepsis related mortality continues to be as high as 258,000 annually.It has been estimated that there would be 92,000 fewer deaths and reductions in hospital expenditures of over $1.5 … Read More

New Technology Startup Releases Cloud Based Software Solutions to Help Reduce Sepsis Mortality and Control Cost

AcesoCloud,today announced the release of its cloud based analytics and collaboration software solutions for healthcare systems. Physicians, nurses and program administrators will utilize the Sepsis software solutions to reduce sepsis mortality, improve Sepsis care outcomes and lower cost of care. … Read More